Into the Unknown

”Into the Unknown.”
I always liked that expression.
A free fall into a new world.

It is the winter of January 2017 and I am about to create a new world.  The universe of the Orch Star game. A world of great star empires and long lost civilizations.
This has been my line of work for the last 30 years or so, to create worlds. Still. it feels more like I am about to explore an unknown world, a world new to me,  then actually creating it myself.
It do honestly feel like I am entering an uncharted landscape of great wonders, mysteries and long lost legends.

And as so many times before, I feel exited as I do not know what to find.
Will there be great unknown dynasty’s, civilizations and forgotten lore and strange beings of immense powers there.
Will there be danger, monsters, dark magic or evil forces lurking in the shadows ?
I am exited as I enter my new world.
I love this stage of creation. I love my line of work.

Well, hope you like it.
Now I need to get some more tea.
I will keep you posted as I explore deeper into the Unknown.

”Leap and the net will apear.”