The Grey Orchs

A millenia ago the strain of Orchs called the “Greys” parted from the other Orch Clans. They where the spellbinders, dreamwilders, mages and warlocks -the magicians of the Orch Clans. As their leaders, the mighty warlocks of the Black Sun order, wanted to retreat to deepen their knowledge and rituals the Grey Orchs withdraw to isolated and subtle solar systems far from the Mevorian empire alert eyes and security agency.

Over the years in the isolation The Black Sun order refined and investigated new magic formulas that went beyond the permissible within the laws of the Pax Mevorian. They joined together the forbidden knowledge to create dark secret warspells powerful enough to wipe out great intergalactic battleships, war cruisers, and swarms of hunter-killers. Hundreds of years later, the Grey Orchs were the indisputable champions and wielders of the dark arts.