The Mevorian Empire

The Mevorian Empire, by virtue of its military strength has grown to a vast and wide spread hegemony that dominates it´s region of the galaxy. This is a true star empire consisting of thousands of worlds and civilisations. The Mevorian Empire is ruled by one bloodline, the Mevorian royal family, once descendants to the noble bloodlines of the holy mother planet, Earth.

The Mevorian Empire and the star gates

When the second expansion of the Mevorian Empire reached the unmapped star sea of the Ortech nebula and the boarders of the sovereign Pewulian Empire, the conflict was unavoidable.

The Pewulians, guardians of the great star wheels, the star gates of the Ancients, since the beginning of the time, would not let the Mevorians pass or take control of the star travel entrances, the loopholes to other parts of the huge Red Haven galaxy cluster. For millennia’s the Pewulians had been unchalanged but they underestimated the power hunger and the schemes of the humans. The Mevorians was not to be stoped by anone or anything.
A conflict was ineluctable as the Mevorians where longing for power and freedom to travel anywhere in the known star sea. In the year 110994, the first Pewulian War started as the Mevorian High Fleet attacked and sized three important star gates in the Tantrum Field. A hastily peace was negotiated as the Pekeewan emissary and diplomats took to the Pewulians side in the conflict and the Mevorians wanted to keep the Pekeewan mining and steel consortium on their side. After this conflict the Pewulians strengthen their fleet

Mevorian princess Yedda Fayre, in the Mevorian Field Uniform.

Mevorian princess Yedda Fayre, in the Mevorian court uniform wearing the Mevorian Imperial Knife only worn by members of the Imperial bloodline.