The Orchs

One of the oldest species in the galaxy is the feared and despited race of the Orchs. When mankind started its expansion and formed the first early empires in the deep space star oceans, the orchs where already there, veterans of space exploration and war tainted.

The story of the early days of the orchs, how they took their space crafts into space, is unknown and lost. Their presence as a warmongering race and brutal force is on the other hand well documented. The orchs seems fearless, strongminded and in the midst of their brutality they prove to be strategic clever and cunning.

The Orchs bodies seems able to withstand virus, infections and ageing almost in the way the aeon old Elves bodys does, and the Orchs are known to live up to 1000 – 1500 years. The Orchs are in other words a sturdy race and a most fearsome enemy that seldom give up for less than a total defeat.

Hence it took 800 years of warfare for the Mevorian Empire to quench all of the waring Orch Chieftains and clan leaders. The Mevorians gave the defeated Orchs their own parliament and the Pax Mevorian where the orchs could live a rather peaceful life and still keep their warfleets for protection and as status symbols.

Orch Warchieftain – Orca Wartusk

“My homeworld was burning. My clan, friends and family was burning. It was the end of our world. The Mevorian Empire crushed our last forts and strongholds in a devastating series of blows. The combined 7th and 12th fleet of the Mevorian deep space command left almost no survivors of their first strikes. The second strike took out our fleets starbases. We were lost long before the battle begun. Bound to give up, or lose what was left of our families, children and elders, our leaders gave into the Mevorians. A bloody defeat. Hence we became part of the vast Mevorian star empire. We lost our ways and our freedom.”

Orch Warchieftian Orca Wartusk

The Orch Warchieftian Orca Wartusk, carries the painful memories from the day when his clans, mother and father, and most of his family was whiped out by the Mevorian high fleet of the deep space command. It was a total defeat and the pain and suffering was even greater as the Mevorians was joined by the treacherous Black Moon Clan and their menacing leader Hollow Moon. Wartusk never forgot, even as he sworn lojalty to the Mevorian Empress and became part of the Pax Mevorian and merged into the great Empire of the Humans. In secret he and the remaining parts of the clan members swore an oath to one day once again raise to the stars and claim a bloody revenge on the Humans and the Black Moon Clan and take the Tusks of the hated chieftain Hollow Moon.