The Pekeewan

Scattered around the vast galaxy is the Pekeewan Dominion, a rich and self-governing enclave within the vast Mevorian Empire. They Pekeewan clan and it´s subclan are all of the Omovio race, a centipede looking insectoid species known for its tranquil and sophisticated culture. They avoid conflicts and are known for its diplomacy and political efforts to keep peace and always find a good solution for all parts. The Pekeewans are highly specialized towards heavy industry as advanced astro-mining and metal industry and are known to colonize regions with dense asteroid fields and mineral rich planets.

Pekeewans and the other races

As the Pekeewan Dominion lives among asteroid fields they are often neighbour with the rough Orchs and the mystical Dwarfs. Under the rule of the Mevorians there is a somewhat stabile peace in between these competing factions and the aggressive Orchs are kept calm and the Dwarfs keep themselves in their deep mining conclaves.

Pekeewan and the Mevorian Empire

The great Mevorian Empire honor and protect the Pekeewan as they provide the highest class of lightweight alloys and heavy armour steel for the Mevorian Imperial fleet, hence, they are close allies and the Pekeewan is tolerated to govern themselves by their peaceful laws and skilful diplomacy. The Pekeewans exploration of the endless space has led their dominion to stretch far outside the safe and well-guarded boarders of the Mevorian Empire. It is not unusual that the Pekeewans are drawn into conflicts therefore with the consequence of the Mevorian Imperial fleet to intervene. Some voices among the Mevorian federation claims that this is a conscious strategy to move the borders of the Mevorians further and deeper into the unknown and the rich outer rims.