World Book

- the Universe of Orch Star

The Red Haven Galaxy Cluster

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”
― Sun Tzu, the Art of War.

The Red Haven is not one Galaxy but seven interlacing galaxies, moving in and out in a deadly dance of stars, supernovas and black holes. It’s an enormous area rightly called the Star Sea by its billions of races and striving civilisations.

In the Red Haven galaxy the great star empires struggles to gain power and domination over the stars-systems and the many races and myriad of civilizations that thrive here. This is the perimeter of the vast and glorious Mevorian Dynasty – one of the mightiest empires ever to rule space, the fanatic Dark Orb Cult and the ancient Pewuilan Hegemony.

Little did anyone suspect that a revolution would take place here, not among the since long subdued Orch tribes, not even the Orchs themself. But in the year 112020, an uprising took place that reshaped the power structure of the whole galaxy. The revolution started when the mighty Orch warlord, “Orca Wartusk” killed the old disparaging Orch senate and sat out to once again rejoin the orch clans under one banner. This in order to form a battle-fleet of never before seen magnitude and to overwhelm the star empires of the realm.